E-Tribal Art

Bremer Netzresidenz
Bernd und Eva Hockemeyer Stiftung
E-Tribal Art Partners:
C6, UK
European Alternatives, UK
InterSpace Association, BG
Foundation GMT+2, BG
Co-financed by:
British Council
Creative Collaborations Programme

Romanian Cultural Institute
Cantemir Programme

content of an old tattered file labelled 'Architecture'

  • Cultural Heritage of Second Life Threatened by Destruction!
    Explorers appeal to UNESCO
  • Best Regards from Mr. Top News
  • I am a Berlin
  • A beach ball is the answer!
    Finally found: the oldest existing object in Second Life
  • Here thar be Dragons and Cuboid heaps
  • Second Life cultural heritage threatened by the decline!
  • Competition: Shake Yebut discovered something very old and very big
  • Competition: Virtual Littlething inspected prehistoric Governor Mansion’s House
  • Competition: 25,000 L$ for the
    oldest existing object in Second Life
  • Corpse in the foundation
  • Bulky refuse
  • A danger hushed up: Photo wallpaper addiction
  • Sensations from the prehistory
  • Second-Life-Kulturerbe vom Untergang bedroht!
  • Am Rande des Fußgängerhighways
  • Die totgeschwiegene Gefahr: Fototapetensucht
  • Ich bin ein Berlin
  • Prehistoric Object from the beta phase
  • Sperrmüll
  • Viele Grüße von Herrn Top News
  • Grundlagen der empathischen Archäologie (Night of the Living Dead Fretwurst)
  • Amsterdam Film 2:28
  • Powerpoint- Bilder Amsterdam