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Funktioniert Werbung in Second Life garnicht? Trotz massiver Werbeflächen kauft keiner!

Close-out sale in Second Life? Despite highly rising efforts no one buys the land on which this advertising obelisk stands!

When I recently wobbled through the excessively twittering and splashing Second Life, I suddenly stumbled over a note. It contained an alarming discussion between worried natives. They talked about emptied, neglected sims and land prices thrown into the bottomless. The horrendous property taxes which are quite usual in the Second Life made it very improbable that somebody buys land here. Actually, so they lamanted, even the landbots of the big Second Life real-estate companies weren’t buying anymore.

Rätselhafte Statistiken: Berechneten hier Avatarstatistiker vielleicht den Untergang von Second Life? Und waren dann so über ihren eigenen Ergebnisse erschreckt, dass sie mitsamt der Zuhörern überstürtzt das Weite suchten und deshalb vergasen den Projektor auszuschalten?

Mysterious statistics: Did avatar scientists calculate the decline of Second Life here? And then they were so frightened about her own results that they run away together with the audience and forget about turning out the projector? It cannot have been differently.

Deeply lost in thoughts I ran like a shot into the research laboratory. Evaluating valuable mysterious textures? Examining the terrific cosy soil samples with which I had recently returned home? Processing the lion’s roar recorded fantastically? Well, not an idea. I couldn’t even think about. Because I could only think this: We have not enough time left!

Muss verlassenes Land eigentlich immer derart flach sein?

Deserted country is usually rather flat.

Even if we should actually have prevented a (possible) shutdown of Second Life with our preventative demo, nevertheless many, many places are threatened by the destruction acutely. Onced abbandoned by the owners it doesn’t take a long time till Linden Lab pulls down all cultural possessions once built here. After that all you see are the lichen textures. Bald areas remain back. But: For the islands it’s even worse. Without a comment they bubble back into the sea from which they once have emerged, and nothing, not even a region name remains from them. I myself know many meanwhile completely destroyed islands. How many do you know?

That’s why I show here a small exemplary choice of places and objects which are possibly be threatened. I have the hope that we still can save them. Everybody can help! Teleport yourself into the deserted zones. So that the traffic there shoots up again. And, dear account corpses, what we need is a concept of a Second Life cultural heritage. Important and excellent but also maybe not so important but very typical Second Life buildings must be classified as historical monuments. In First Life, I’ve heard, it never happens that buldings are pulled down only because the builders doesn’t want them anymore. And even more, in First Life, ancient buildings which were wrecked by unfortunate circumstances are rebuilt newly. We are far away to feeling such an obligation towards our own past. But: Let us make a first step! Let us save our historical buildings from the demolition balls of Linden Lab and Co. Let us establish the Second Life cultural heritage!

Leerstand in der schwedischen Botschaft

Cultural heritage 'embassy building': Worrying vacancy in the Swedish embassy which is one of the very few embassies in Second Life at all. (Teleport)

Der Avatar-Computer ist dem Avatar, was dem First-Life-Wesen eine Buchattrappe ist.

Cultural heritage 'avatar computer:' It is for the avatar what is a dummy book display for the First Life being. (Teleport)

Läden zu vermieten!

Cultural heritage 'modern mall': Threatened in many places acutely! Not many avatars have the courage to open a little boutique.

Laden, in dem man Läden kaufen kann.

Cultural heritage 'shop shop': Particularly endangered are empty shops which sell empty shops. (Teleport)

Praktisch: Auch Avatare sollten über die Bedienung von Exel (Version 2007) Bescheid wissen.

Cultural heritage 'Excel film': Avatars should know what troubled their account keepers in the year 2007. (Supplement: For the Microsoft island there is no hope anymore. Probably the research leader was of one of the last eyewitnesses who enjoyed the Excel film.)

Hochhäuser haben es besonders schwer, Mieter zu finden.

Cultural heritage 'skyscraper': Still hard to rent out, more difficult perhaps only: Prison cells. (Teleport)

Wichtige Bücher könnten vor ihrer Entschlüsselung vernichtet werden

Cultural heritage 'book': Whole libraries should be digitized urgently. (Teleport)

Die Vergnügungssucht von Avataren wurde vielfach überschätzt.

Cultural heritage 'fairground ride:' The craving for pleasure of avatars was overestimated often. The research leader is the only passenger and this probable since a long time.

Gemütlichkeit am Ende der Welt

Cultural heritage 'end signpost': A kind of cosy atmosphere has formed around many end signposts.

Die Forschung geht weiter! Schickt uns bedrohte Orte mit Bild und Slurls.

The research goes on! Send us threatened places which should urgently be included in the Second Life cultural heritage. With picture and Slurl to muji at movement-for-account-corpses.de. We publish them here at our research page. So that we can save them.