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Die wagemutige und äußerst tierliebe Forscherin versucht den Riesenlabrador mit einem Leckerli zu füttern. Aber ob ihm das reicht?

The daring researcher tried to feed the giant labrador with a goody.

According to an old apocalyptic prophecy in Second Life mythology once a colossal white labrador with a thin little mouse tail will eat up Second Life. A dog like this was already sighted at several places in Second Life.

The following tweets tells us about:

Help! SOS! Giant labrador goes for us.

You never believe this: A giant creature just eats up my house.

Oh, it’s so cute! Come here, yes. No, No! Do not eat my beautiful new palms! Out! Out! Out!

Dear researcher, this actually quite cute labrador threatened our researches. It eats up whole regions! The landowners escape with flying flags. Who remains complains: Never before one has stumbled through so much bald land in Second Life.

Alles kahl gefressen?

Everything eaten up?