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Teleport to the hospital

(Leave the hospital and fly on top of the roof of the hospital. From there you see the prehistoric collection in the northeast direction.)

Hätten Sie's gedacht? Sie sehen hier ein extrem prähistorisches Ensemble (ohne Forscher).

Would you have thought that? Here you see an extremely prehistoric ensemble (except the researcher). Unique!

The discovery of this prehistoric collection surpasses all discoveries on this research blog which has been called sensations till now. Because this collection contains three or even four different sensational discoveries. The most meticulous of the researchers had almost failed to notice it because the ensemble seemed unobtrusive to him at first. But the researcher has infrared eyes. He could recognize the enormous age of house, bed, coffee table, carpet and lamp during his flight over the ensemble: Made in October 2002! So the ensemble was made in the first days of the beta phase of Second Life ( = first sensation) and with this the house and furnitures are the oldest objects presented in the research blog. Now, hardly someone might be able to find something older! Second sensation: It’s hard to distinguish prehistoric objects from today’s objects! So: Has the architecture not developed at all since then? Third sensation: The collection itself is quite old, it was laid out presumably in 2007 or in 2008. One can infer from this that avatars have started to bother about their own history much earlier then it was claimed by researchers of this team.

Als Forscher reaktivierte Accountleiche mit Infrarotblick

Account corpse, reactivated as a researcher with infrared eye.

The fourth sensation is that I felt lives in my old textures the first time after more than two years of an pure account corpse existence.