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Medizin in der Avatargesellschaft: Durch Platzierung realistischer 3D-Objekte, wie etwa dieses Kochtopfes, direkt vor illusionistischen 2D-Fototapeten versuchte man Tapetensüchtige zu kurieren.

Medicine in the avatar society: By placing realistic 3D objects, such as this cooking pot, directly in front of illusionistic 2D photo wallpapers early avatars tried to cure wallpaper addicts.

The numerous gigantic photo wallpapers in Second Life are interpreted by conservative scientists as a sign of decline and 3D degeneration. The photo wallpaper brings an illusionistic 2D space into the 3D space where the shrill detail keenness of the photo wallpaper appears very artificial. Seen practically two problems result from this: The avatar is magically attracted by the hyperrealistic fine textured photo wallpaper although at first glance he does not recognize it as a wallpaper at all till he crashed into it. Disappointing on one hand, because the avatar can not walk on or fly through, the photo wallpaper arouses in the avatar absurd greeds for unrealistically fine textures. These greeds are the reason why some avatars are sitting all day long in front of or behind wallpapers. In the end they loose any interest in the real Second Life. The photo wallpaper addiction is one of the most serious problems in the late avatar society, some scientists claim.