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german version

Teleport to the place where at one time the avatar Xavier Santiago was happy with his second life.

Verlassenes Land (oben recht, gelb markiert) ist aggressiven Flechten schutzlos ausgeliefert. Nachbar reagiert mit Panik.

Abbandoned land (above on the right, marked yellow) is at the mercy of aggressive lichens and slabs of stone. Neighbour (on the left) reacts with panic.

Often hushed up by the official science: Aggressive lichens and slabs of stone in Second Life. Approximately since 2008 aggressive lichens and slabs of stone are on the advance in many Second Life regions. Their green till gray shaded textures overgrow and flatten whole settlements within seconds. For such a low life form they do this quite refined: At first they affect a deserted parcel whose owner is gone for ever. The only thing which still remains of him, here for example of a certain Xavier Santiago, is the land information panel? As soon as the lichens or slabs of stone have spread out on the deserted parcel, possible neighbours get nervous and try driven by panic to sell off their adjacent properties which are lichen affected or already petrified. They usually surrender a few days later and leave for good. This way lichens and slabs of stone have already submitted whole regions. And many progressive scientists hold the theory that lichens and slabs of stone will be once the last survivors in Second Life long after the last avatar has logged off.