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Go for the ground steam!

Unauffällig: Bodendampf!

Unobtrusive avatar hiding place: ground steam!

You do not meet ground steam very often in Second Life. One assumes that ground steam had served as a protection for avatars during earlier, warlike epochs in Second Life. As soon as the avatar detectors reported strange avatars nearby, all highly sensitive avatars threw themselves into the ground mist, where they felt completely invisible. How’s that?

Forschungsleiterin testet die Schutzfunktion des Bodendampfs. Sie ist kaum mehr zu sehen.

The research leader testing the protective function of the ground steam. In the past, the misting force was presumable a little stronger.

According to a secret tradition the avatars shall have blocked with the help of telekinetic techniques the avatar detectors of all the other avatars, and then at a surprising moment they shall have stormed howling loudly out of the ground steam and put every intruder to flight. It’s unknown what had happened to this highly sensitive and cunning population of avatars. Anyway, today at the ground steam location on one lives anymore.