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Teleport to the grove

Urzeitlicher Baum oder doch nur ein Halbkegel?

Primeval tree or only a half cone?

Of course this halved cone looks very ordinary. But exciting finds do quite often look ordinary at the first sight. However: The researcher comes, is astonished and finds out that the object, which lies here in wombat since April 9th, 2008 tells us still today what has happened exactly on this day, exact here. And this it is: A still rather original avatar group reaches this highly developed grove. The cleverest of the original avatar group enthusiastically wants to build also such terrific trees. He puts a cone on the grass. He halves it. He and his group dance around the cone seven days and seven nights. As, after that, still no tree from the halved cone has developed, the first avatars dissolve themselves furiously into air, then the next ones, until the cleverest one was the only left. If you’re really quiet, you can still hear him creeping around the halved cone.