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Who wants to be swallowed, along here, please.

Noch denkt der Forscher: Ha, wenn das nicht der Geist von Wittgenstein ist!

The researcher still thinks: Hectare, if this is not the spirit of this Wittgenstein!

This bilious green object named “Object” was not found by the researcher Zapedzki Eberhardt. But: The “Object” – or Green Eater as I call myself lovingly – discovered the researcher. He was busy with useless whistling exercises and senseless speculations while he stumbled over my secluded Wittgenstein island. When he noticed me behind himself, it was already too late for him. I entwined the young researcher with one enormous thought within a few seconds.

Verdutzter Forscher, 'Dass ich hier sitze, ist falsch' denkend.

Baffled researcher thinking ‘That I’m sitting here is wrong’

There he sits, the poor Zapedzki Eberhardt, like a fly in the fly glass and is getting digested slowly!

Die weißen Flecken deuten auf Restbestände von Zapedzki Eberhardt hin.

Aerial photo, some hours late: The white spots indicate the remaining stocks of Zapedzki Eberhardt.