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Beyond the world we know (Teleport.)

Forschungsleiterin unterwegs nach Atlantis

Research leader on her way to Atlantis

These two cuboid heaps, built in summer 2008, got found far above the avatar flight high on a parcel with the promising name ” Here thar be Dragons!!!”. Univisble from the ground, they could be discovered only with the helpf of the flying researcher carpet. Some researchers see in the cuboid heaps an important indication that the legendary Atlantis in Second Life really exists. According to a strongly controversial research theory there shall have been once a Second Life metropolis which was excellent, gold glittering and unbelievably fine textured. One stormy day after a probably clumsy input of its builder it shot in mad heights and disappeared there for eternity. The unfortunate builder went mad on the spot. The coordinates are missing. Well, dear researcher friends, if we would find this Second Life Atlantis, well this would be something!