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Trügerische Idylle: Hinterm Gebüsch hechelt eine zurückgelassene, hungrige Dogge.

Caution, the idyll deceives: Behind the bushes growls a hungry doberman pinscher which packs everybody who stopps here for some seconds and skids him more than 2000 metres high.

In many road ditches in Second Life the attentive researcher stumbles over cartons which contain prefabricated houses, prefabricated airports or prefabricated space stations. Quite often there is in immediate proximity of these cartons a – in comparison with the contens oft the carton – much bigger and more stately house, a much more spacious airport or it even bobs up and down a whole planet above the carton with the space station in it. Therefore the research assumes today that there once must have been a bogus bulky refuse call in Second Life and all avatars put their old rummage on the streets. And there it is today to the joy of the researchers.