Warning: This is a text of the category “Poor English”. Do not read it if you    are linguistically sensitive. Please take this warning serious. It is not a joke!

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Nur wenige Sekunden nach dieser Aufnahme war das Fundament des Gebäudes vollständig aufgebaut und hatte den Klotz verborgen.

Only a few seconds after the snapshot the foundation of the building was built up completely and had hidden the block.

I discovered this not particularly remarkable block in the foundation of a bigger building. Unbelievable that I managed to take a picture of it on time, since I had only a few seconds left to do this. I stood overwhelmed in front of a skyscraper built up freshly, as I understood what this block means for archeologists like us: How many archeological treasures may still be hidden in the foundations of Second Life: Blocks, more blocks, pyramids, balls, columns, chewing gum papers and perhaps – who knows – even a corpse?

Friends, researchers, this discovery will revoulutionize our expedition. We have to complete our – till now – deliberate and thorough mode of operation by a new and fast technology, by very fast excavations. We have to be fast, faster than the world in front of our eyes. We have to snap it before it can build up and make pretty itself. So we get hold of its most precious and most hidden treasures.