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Diese beiden rätselhaft erscheinenden Objekte dienten sicherlich einmal kultischen Zwecken

These two seemingly mysterious objects, early cuboid (in front) and 'Visual Sim Time Dilation meter 1.0 w/glow' (behind) surely served ritualistic purposes once.

Many objects which you find as a researcher are already astonishing. However even much more astonishing is where you find them. What the devil does these “Visual Sim Time Dilation meter 1.0 w/glow”, year of construction 2007, on a secluded green mossy island in the high north of Second Life? How did it get there? And: Why do it send light signals to the good early cuboid (on the left)? And: What the heck is a “Visual Sim Time Dilation metre 1.0 w/glow”?

Unvergesslich ist das wunderbare Leuchten des 'Visusal Sim Time Dilation Meter 1.0 w/glow'

Not decoded yet: The bizarre light signals of the 'Visual Sim Time Dilation meter 1.0 w/glow'

Well! Generations of researchers will have to nibble and to swallow at this find! Till now, we only know that the owner of this island lives on a parcel which is called exactly like this island but does not exist any more. And we know that the two objects are not from him. So at the moment everything is indicating that a running marauding avatar left the two cult objects to confuse later researchers and conduct them into the lunatic. He should have succeeded in this!