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Schwebende Lebensmittel - Sind sie wirklich so harmlos wie sie aussehen?

Floating food, is it really as harmless as it looks?

This fine worked muffin belongs to the group of “floating food” (FF) which can be found in many places in Second Life. Former researchers thought that all the now FFs objects once have been just normal food objects. In their opinion they became FFs objects by accident: Sloppy or strongly nearsighted deleting groups which had the task to destroy all tables and plates forgot some food on the plates. However, meanwhile this simple theory is disproved. FFs can suddenly float somewhere in the air without having been on a table or a plate before. Researchers are now trying to clear in a first step, how food is used in Second Life at all, since it can not be eaten.

The most daring thesis follows a group around the researcher account corpse Genira. They say: Food in Second Life is be used as dental supervision drones. At the sight of the delicious muffin the starved, in Second Life logged in First Life being tears up his mouth in front of his screen. The integrated webcam in its computer shoots unobtrusively a photo of the mouth inside and sends this further directly to the house dentist. A few days later the First Life being get letter from him saying a check inspection would have to be fixed.