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Spektakulärer Fund: Riesiger Quarter aus einer längst vergangenen Epoche

Spectacular discovery: Gigantic Quarter from an long past epoch

The floating Quarter belongs to the oldest objects in Second Life. It was made by Philip Linden on May 22nd, 2003, that is still during the Second Life beta phase. It then changed into Gwendolin Ruby’s possession and survived its owner. Despite its confusingly advanced age it is still undamaged and, if you run into it, you hear a enchantingly tinkling. It was found in the region „Baden Württemberg 2″. What raises the astonishing question whether – contrary to the present historiography – „Baden Württemberg 2″ is cradle of the avatars? However, that sacking Württembergers got away with the Quarter within the wild 2007s years could not be proved till today.