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Sunstone (This region has been deleted in the meantime)

Diese beiden rätselhaft erscheinenden Objekte dienten sicherlich einmal kultischen Zwecken

These two enigmatic objects Ur-cuboid (front) and 'Visual Sim Time Dilation Meter 1.0 w/glow' (back) were certainly used as cult objects at one time

Many objects one finds as a researcher are really astonishing. However, it is even more astonishing where one finds them. What the devil is this „Visual Sim Time Dilation Meter 1.0 w/glow”, model 2007, doing on an isolated mossy-green island in the far north of Second Life? How did it get there? And: Why is it radioing at the good old Ur-cuboid (left) with garish light signals? And what’s more: What actually is a „Visual Sim Time Dilation Meter 1.0 w/glow”?

Unvergesslich ist das wunderbare Leuchten des 'Visusal Sim Time Dilation Meter 1.0 w/glow'

Not yet decoded: the bizarre light signals of the 'Visual Sim Time Dilation Meter 1.0 w/glow'

Oh well! Generations of scholars will still have to chew on that one for a long time to come! So far we only know that the owner of this island lives on a plot that is called the same as this island but does not exist any longer. And we know that these two objects were not his. Thus, at the moment, everything points to a marauding avatar who passed through leaving the two cult-objects behind in order to baffle and fool later explorers. It appears he succeeded in that!

Translated by Brigitte Pichon and Dorian Rudnytsky