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Schwebende Lebensmittel - Sind sie wirklich so harmlos wie sie aussehen?

Is floating food really as harmless as it looks?

This lavishly made muffin belongs to the group of “Floating Foods” (FF) that can be found in many places in Second Life. Earlier explorers had assumed that the FFs were quite normal, permanently fresh food that can be found on many tables and plates in Second Life still today. Allegedly, not until the sloppy or shortsighted deletion squads that were supposed to destroy tables, plates and all the rest would have created floating foods from some of these food items by simply overlooking them. In the meantime, this simple theory has been refuted. FFs can suddenly appear, floating anywhere, without a table or plate ever having been there. At present, research is attempting to find out what objectives foods serve in Second Life since they are not for eating, to be sure.

The most adventurous thesis is pursued by a group led by the researcher Accountcorpse Genira. It maintains that foods in Second Life are dental surveyor drones functioning in the following way: When the totally starved First-Life-Being logged into Second Life sees a juicy muffin on the monitor at home, it involuntarily opens its mouth. The webcam integrated into its computer inconspicuously takes a picture and forwards it directly to the family dentist. A few days later the First-Life-Being receives a letter from him reminding him that it’s about time for another medical check-up.

Translated by Brigitte Pichon and Dorian Rudnytsky