Fight Augmented Pollution!

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It’s free. It’s convenient. It’s unique. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Bombs in the artist's flat:
proof of harmlessness

Augmented Bombings is an augmented reality art action
fighting augmented pollution - by courageous 3D bombing.

Augmented Bombings provides
the world’s best placement of 3D cleaning bombs.

Augmented Bombings is
totally free.

Augmented Bombings stands for:
prepaid feedback postcards, individual bomb names, website with comment function, no engineer appointments.

Augmented Bombings promises:
As soon as technically possible, with our 3D detonators you can bomb away all undesirable augmented reality trash in your surroundings, such as bleached aliens, decaying zombies, flying coke-bottles, you name it.


Augmented Bombings Headquarters: virtual 3D bombs waiting for delivery

Augmented Bombings is your partner
for a clean augmented future.

Augmented Bombings offers
an unique data collection about the enthusiastic reception of our 3D cleaning bombs all over the world.

Augmented Bombings is financed
with venture capital from zentralinstanz

Augmented Bombings is a project
by Sus Berkenheger

Augmented Bombings
Postfach 580554
D - 10414 Berlin

What the heck is it all for?

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