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Is there such a thing as a spritual augmented aura?


Sometimes I feel down for no reason and sleep poorly. Could it be that invisible virtual trash pollutes my spiritual aura and blocks my meridians and chakras?

Well, Augmented Bombings is a rational venture, we don’t believe in esotericism.

Are there studies showing that augmented reality objects really do not have any influence on the human aura?

Well no, there aren’t any. But we think it’s really not very likely…

I heard that people living in places with a high density of 3D objects (that is, people in big cities) suffer much more stress symptoms than people in places with a lower density of 3D objects (that is, people in small towns).

Okay, that’s true, but…

What do you think? Can I clean my spiritual augmented aura with the Augmented Bombings bombs?

Uhm, let’s say: You can’t do anything wrong by bombing with our bombs.

So what do I have to do?

Order a bomb here. As soon as your bomb is placed you can start bombing away virtual trash on a daily basis. Ideally, one should clean the augmented reality twice a day - upon awaking and before falling asleep at night. Cleaning your augmented reality before you go to sleep seems to be essential.

For cleaning just open the Augmented Bombings channel with your smartphone. Then search for your detonator and touch it. That’s all there is to it.

And well, who knows, maybe this exercise will clean your spiritual augmented aura and alert you to any negative energy or psychic attacks and prevent them from manifesting. If you notice your aura or chakras are still dirty, maybe you should repeat the process.

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