Year End Art Special

Release 11/12/20

The Geo Coordinates You Live In
Year End Art Special by Augmented Bombings

Order your free 3D bomb and become part of a guerilla art exhibition in March 2010!

The art project Augmented Bombings is looking for courageous folks who want to live with a virtual 3D bomb. The bomb is totally harmless, it doesn’t hurt or limitate the usage of your space in any way. There are no costs arising. Since the positioning is done from the outside, you don’t have to make an appointment with a technician.

Twin bombs of the first 40 bombs ordered will be part of a guerilla art exhibition in March 2012. The venue could be: Devon Islands (Canada), O-miya Park Soccer Stadium (Japan) or the Guggenheim Museum in New York (USA). You decide which one or suggest other places.

On the website you can find exhibition visualizations, see which venue is currently on the top and order your bomb. ( Each participant can order five bombs maximum. But only one of them can take part in the exhibition.

Augmented Bombings is an art project fighting virtual trash in the so called “Augmented Reality” by courageous 3D bombing. Responsible for the project is Susanne Berkenheger.

Why fight virtual trash? Well, have a look at the mini-comic “The Geo Coordinates You Live In” (

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