What is it all about?

Business Concept

Many people don’t even suspect anything is wrong: Slimy aliens are hanging above their beds, the kitchen is stuffed with tanks and bar girls and a banner sticks above the couch saying: “Watch out! Here lives sex addict!” And maybe there is a sign at the entrance door telling people when you’re on holiday. In the smartphone browser you can see it: The augmented reality of your nice flat is littered with obscure 3D objects and abstruse to inconvenient informations. For it is true, everyone can place whatever they wish at the geo coordinates you live in. There is no law in place to stop them.

Augmented Bombings helps people to deal with this new kind of pollution - by courageous 3D bombing. Therefore Augmented Bombings is happy to be able to offer a wide range of bombs and clickable detonators. At first sight they all look the same. But if you go a little deeper into the matter, you will notice that each one is unique in size, position and angle rotation. Each single one is a work of art, made and rotated by hand, using noble materials such as hand-typed PHP files.

Of course, with the bombs by Augmented Bombings, being totally harmless 3D objects, you can’t actually go and start bombing away virtual trash now (at least not for longer than a nanosecond or so) But: There is a great promise: As soon as technically possible you can do so. For the time being Augmented Bombings brings hope to the people.

For those who haven’t got the time to order their own bomb Augmented Bombings regularly places bombs all over the world at its own responsiblity. We try to inform all affected people about upcoming bomb placements in their flats or offices (see sample letter at the website download section). The website provides information about all bombs placed and about responses to the placements, according to our sometimes a little imaginative technician.

Artist Statement

When I first discovered Augmented Reality on my smartphone, I was quite surprised. I had to learn that I share my flat with augmented zombies, flying octopusses, dinosaurs, spaceshuttles and other coinhabitants. How come? Did any of them ask me before moving into my private space? As far as I remember: No! I asked my friends: What did they think fo this ongoing invasion? I showed them their coinhabitants. Most of my friends were surprised, too. Some were even worried. Others didn’t care at all.

I got curious. Is it stupid to think of “private geo coordinates”? To satisfy my curiosity I worked out a battle plan. I called it Augmented Bombings.

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