Guerilla Art Exhibition in Japanese Soccer Stadium

Release 12/03/27

Guerilla Art Exhibition in Japanese Soccer Stadium
Augmented Bombings places 40 virtual detonators on the pitch

<font color='#FFFFFF'>Venue 2:<BR>Ōmiya Park Soccer Stadium, Japan. </font><BR><font size=1>Adaptation of the photo <a   href=''><font color='#000000'>'Ōmiya Park Soccer Stadium, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.'</font></a> by <a   href=''><font color='#000000'>Taishi Takahashi</font></a>, available under <a class=weiss   href=''><font color='#000000'>CC BY 2.0</font></a> Copyright © 2008 Taishi Takahashi.</font>

Exhibition Venue: Ōmiya Park Soccer Stadium, Japan
Adaptation of the photo 'Ōmiya Park Soccer Stadium, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.' by Taishi Takahashi, available under CC BY 2.0 Copyright © 2008 Taishi Takahashi.

The art action Augmented Bombings invites all augmented reality lovers and haters to its first Guerilla Art Exhibition in the Ōmiya Park Soccer Stadium (current name: Nack5 Stadium Ōmiya) in Saitama, Japan. The opening will be on March, 31, at 13:00 local time. In order to handle the probably large number of 3D enthusiastics this rather spacy venue has been chosen. It can welcome up to 15.300 visitors.

To see the totally harmless detonators, guests will need a smartphone or tablet with the app Layar installed. The art work will appear after opening “” in the Internet Explorer Mobile. (For more info or help please visit The show documents detonators placed in eleven countries, each one made and rotated by hand, using noble materials such as hand-typed PHP files.

The exhibition entrance fee ranges from 500 ¥ (6,07 $ or 4,57 €) up to 5000 ¥ (60,72 $ or 45, 75 €). Of course all proceeds will be donated to the great Nack5 Stadium Ōmiya which generously offers its stadium without even knowing about. Augmented Bombings would like to express its heartful thanks.

There will also be an attractive side event: Directly under the detonators, a J-League match is scheduled to be played: Omiya Ardija vs. Nagoya Grampus.

The number 40 is significant in Jewish, Christian, Islamic and other Middle Eastern traditions. It can represent an estimate, or many of something. It’s the symbol number for test and initiation. Rain fell for “forty days and forty nights” during the flood. Jesus fasted “forty days and forty nights” in the Judean desert. 40 is generally considered the number of points that a J-League team needs to avoid relegation.

The exhibition will run from March, 31, 13:00 local time, until April, 21, 18:00 local time.

“Augmented Bombings” is an art action fighting virtual trash in the so called “Augmented Reality” by courageous 3D bombing. The artist responsible for the project is Sus Berkenheger.

Why fight virtual trash? Well, have a look at the mini-comic “The Geo Coordinates You Live In” (

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