Augmented Bombings » Unapproved Bombs in Switzerland
June 20th, 2012

Bomb Marguerite (LAT46.6930220_LON6.4611150)

          Bomb Marguerite has been in the splendid premises of the great “L’arc – Littérature et atelier de réflexion contemporaine” in Romainmotier. There bomb Marguerite is waiting anxiously for the apparition for the ghost Marguerite by which the former pilgrim house shall be haunted. No one can foresee which of the two will be more frightened when they will meet face to face.

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March 13th, 2012

Bomb Adi (LAT46.9411200_LON7.3996550)

          Bomb Adi has been placed in the lovely Burgunderstrasse 13a in Bern (Switzerland). We hope bomb Adi is doing fine there. And who knows: Maybe some day bomb Adi will be discovered by the very likeable bomb host. Then, we hope there will be a smashing bomb party in Burgunderstrasse 13a.

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October 28th, 2011

Bomb Günther (LAT47.551393_LON07.587899)

          Bomb Günther has been placed at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern, Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Institute for Research in Art and Design, 30 Steinentorstrasse, Basel (Switzerland). Probably bomb Günther will never be able to know his address by heart.

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