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August 13th, 2012

Bomb Todoro (LAT35.6827550_LON139.6545840)

          Bomb Todoro lives peacefully as well as thoughtfully in a flat in Tokyo together with a cuddle toy and an artist. There he tries to convince Prof. Dr. B. Cappy, another cuddle toy and director of the Institut of Pataphysian Spaceship and Normatif Equivalenttheory, that the point of Archimedes could not be elsewhere than in the augmented reality of this flat in Tokyo.

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March 13th, 2012

Bomb Shintaro (LAT35.6645150_LON139.7297700)

          We could have thought of that ourselves: Soon after bomb Shintaro has been placed in the international karaoke bar Fiesta, bomb Shintaro demanded to be updated with a karaoke feature for augmented reality bombs. For we are really not very confident in being able to fulfill this wish, we told the little bomb: A karaoke feature for augmented reality bombs is pure wishful thinking. But the little bomb got quite furious about that. Sorry for that, dear bomb host.

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